Penomet Vs Bathmate: My Experience

After trying both Penomet and Bathmate I can honestly say that Bathmate is a far superior model and gives far better results.  Penomet claims are wide and varied, promising 1 to 3 inch length improvement and 30% girth growth. This has not been the case. I was left very dissatisfied and after 3 months of using left me feeling even less of a man than before. I wish penomet would stop “bigging” themselves up. Pardon the pun. Penomet really didn’t work for me. Having done my homework on Penis enlargement and trawled through endless reviews i really feel let down by the Penomet.

Now Bathmate is by far the best product on the market. It really works. Whereas Penomet failed and made me feel a failure. Bathmate is so easy to use and the warm water left me feeling healthier and definitely happy with the results.

Having always felt that i didn’t “match up” to other men and certainly lacking in that department, and always felt that I was letting my lovely lady down Penomet certainly hasn’t helped my cause.

I certainly didn’t last longer either as Penomet claims whereas with Bathmate it certainly ticked all the boxes. I have tried many things over the years, pills, extenders, more pills then Penomet and then Bathmate i wish i had found Bathmate years ago and saved myself the expense and stress and may i add the humiliation that came with that.

Bathmates ease of use and outstanding results has made me feel like a man again, and things at home have never been so good.

So you may wonder why i’m writing this, well I’m hoping that this will help others make the choice of Bathmate, after all they have been around longer and really do live up to expectations. Penomet really don’t.

I seem to have spent a fortune on penis enlargement and took notice of Penomets claims that Bathmate and other competitors fell short in comparison.

I religiously did everything that Penomet suggested. My wife helped too. But to no avail. My confidence took a real nose dive. I truly believed that there wasn’t an answer to my “little” problem, everyone says that it doesn’t matter and a thousand platitudes still doesn’t make you feel good. After Penomets claims, I was excited to receive my new gadget and hopeful.

My hopes were dashed. Thinking  I would just give up I took one more final trawl through the internet and checked out the testimonials that Bathmate had on there site and thought I would give this problem one last try. Amazing, the results speak for themselves. They really are the best in my opinion.

I am happy, My wife is happy and as for the old chap, well he is very happy. I cannot thank Bathmate enough, I really did think that it was the end of the road for myself and my wife as my lack of self esteem had took a massive hit, not only do we feel like we are 16 again but we have reignited our love life all thanks to Bathmate. Sorry Penomet but you really didn’t deliver.

If you’re not convinced, well just take a look at some of these negative reviews I found about Penomet. I only wish I had found these before I purchased the product…